Automatic Chlorination Controller Systems

Ensuring measured, proportional disinfection of any water system is of utmost importance. We offer a system which measures and regulates the chlorine, pH and temperature (model specific) of swimming pool water with the option to include remote internet monitoring.

How These Controllers Work

A small amount of water from the pool is directed to a sample cell via an in-line filter. This sample cell contains as standard a free chlorine probe, pH measurement probe and temperature probe (model specific). The results from the pool water analysis are displayed on the screen.

For chlorine measurement, the systems use an amperometric membrane sensor which is capable of analyzing the chlorine in the water, whether stabilizer is present or not.

The LCD screen displays the operating status of the equipment and there is an easy-to-use, seven-button keypad on the front face of the unit to set and control the system.


HTH Cycleau controller
HTH® Cycl’eau®
  • Proportional dosing technology helps to avoid chemical overdosing
  • Easy to install and user-friendly
  • Electrical protection: 315 mA fuse 5 x 20 tempered glass
  • Power 10W max
  • Measures chlorine: 0 to 10 ppm ± 0.5%
  • Measures pH: 0 to 14 ± 0.5%
  • IP rating 65
  • Power supply 230V
  • Suitable for any size commercial swimming pool
  • LCD screen with blue backlight
  • System data is transferable to other devices such as computers
  • System offers password protection


  HTH® Cycl’eau® First HTH® Cycl’eau® 
Dimension   400 x 740 mm
800 x 740 mm
Measures Chlorine: 0 to 10 ppm ± 0.5%
Measures pH: 0 to 14 ± 0.5% Yes Yes
MeasuresTemperature: -5 to 45°C - Yes
Remote internet access - Yes