Water Treatment Equipment

Having the correct equipment to implement water treatments can streamline the process significantly. The combination of our innovative equipment technologies and thorough application knowledge enable us to deliver leading edge solutions to our customers’ most demanding problems.

Our feeder and automatic controller systems:

  • Provide continuous and reliable disinfection on demand and suitably dose the water as required
  • Accurately monitor the water quality
  • Help to maintain the correct water balance
  • Allow for potential cost-savings as the amount of chemicals can be managed and applied as per the water demand (model specific)
  • Are easily managed and maintained
  • Can be tailored to specifications
HTH® Easiflo® Premium and First Feeders

Ideal for commercial pool applications, the HTH® Easiflo® Systems are easy to install, use and maintain and aid in creating crystal clear water.

The use of HTH® Easiflo® Feeders in combination with HTH® Easiflo® Briquettes produces a consistent chlorine solution (between 1.2% and 2.5% available chlorine) which can help maintain an accurate level of chlorine within the swimming pool water.

The range of feeders uses HTH® Easiflo® Briquettes and can be used in conjunction with the HTH® Cycl’eau® water quality controller systems.

How These Feeders Work

The HTH® Easiflo® Feeders produce a Calcium Hypochlorite solution on demand based on signals received from an automatic controller system. The HTH® Easiflo® Briquettes are placed inside the hopper of the feeders. When the automatic controller system indicates a need for chlorine, filtered pool water is directed onto the briquettes. This produces a consistent and stable chlorine solution which is then injected into the pool circulation using the vacuum created by a venturi.

The HTH® Easiflo® Feeders were designed to ensure operations run smoothly. HTH® Easiflo® Briquettes should be used within the systems.

  • Spray system creates a chlorine solution on-site and on-demand
  • Simple maintenance with a full wash-down system to ensure regular maintenance is minimal
  • All systems have the following safety features – fully automatic overflow protection sensor and safety lid cut-off switch
HTH Easiflo Premium 50
HTH® Easiflo® Premium Feeders
  • Can be specifically designed for municipal and large commercial pools
  • Fully automated
  • Made in France
  • Removes insoluble matters via wall and base rinsing systems
  • Lid cut-off switch: if the lid is opened, water is prevented from being sprayed onto the briquettes
  • A double overflow protection system:
    • Electronic protection: the high-level sensor (which indicates if there is too much water in the feeder) will cut-off the solenoid valve, which stops water from entering the feeder
    • Hydraulic detects high water levels and removes excess water from the feeder via the venturi
    • External sensors, which measure the levels of chlorinated solution, limit the amount of internal maintenance required (no internal floats), therefore no process interruption experienced

Easiflo® 20 Premium  Easiflo® 50 Premium  Easiflo® 100 Premium 
Average pool capacity 20 – 500 m³ 400 – 800 m³ 800 – 2000 m³
Number of spray nozzles 2 4 6
Briquettes’ hopper capacity 20kg 50kg 100kg
Base and wall wash down system Yes Yes Yes
Insolubles rinsing system Yes Yes Yes
Safety lid cut-off switch Yes Yes Yes
Chlorine solution strength @ 1 bar 1.2% AvCl 1.6% AvCl 1.6% AvCl
Max. chlorine production 24 kg/day 64 kg/day 120 kg/day

Length 723 mm 850 mm 968 mm
Width 555 mm 660 mm 860 mm
Height with closed lid 860 mm 982 mm 1107 mm
Height with open lid 1173 mm 1335 mm 1591 mm

Empty 15kg 20.5kg 41.5kg
In operation 35kg 70.5kg 141.5kg

HTH® Easiflo Premium System Equipment Brochure (EN) 

HTH® Easiflo Premium System Equipment Brochure (FR) 

HTH® Easiflo Premium System Equipment Brochure (DE)

HTH® Easiflo® Premium System Equipment Brochure (NL)


HTH Easiflo first 20
HTH® Easiflo® First Feeders
Simplified version of the Easiflo® Premium Feeders, the Easiflo® First Feeders can be specifically designed for swimming pools opened only on a seasonal basis for part of the year, like the ones found at camp parks, resorts or condominiums.

Installation and operation are easy and do not require extensive amounts of time, manpower or skillset. An emergency shut-off valve limits the risk of overflow spillage of chlorinated solution. A detector on the lid shuts down the spraying of briquettes when the lid is opened, which in turn, prevents the projection of disinfecting solution towards the operator.
To suit your pool size and bather load, there are two feeder models which hold 20 and 50 kg of briquettes. The system can also be installed to treat several pools, centralizing the storage and handling of chemicals.


Easiflo® First 20 Easiflo® First 50
Number of spray nozzles 2 4
Chlorine concentration @ 1bar 1.2% 1.6%
Width x depth x height (lid open) mm 723 x 555 x 1,173 850 x 660 x 1,335
Maximum chlorine production (kg) per day 24 kg/day 64 kg/day
Length 723 mm 850 mm
Width 555 mm 660 mm
Height with closed lid 860 mm 982 mm
Height with open lid 1173 mm 1335 mm
Empty 15kg 20.5kg
In operation 35kg 70.5kg


Easiflo® 20/50/100 First Brochure (EN)

Easiflo® 20/50/100 First Brochure (FR) 

HTH Easiflo IP 100
HTH® Easiflo® IP Feeders

The Easiflo® IP Feeder Systems can be designed for industrial and municipal applications and can be used in the following applications which require a particularly high water quality:

These feeders use Constant Chlor® CCP-B7 Calcium Hypochlorite briquettes and can be used in conjunction with a controller or a water flow sensor.

How These Feeders Work

When the chlorine solution reaches a minimum level, a dry contact activates the solenoid valve on the water inlet. The water is then sprayed via a manifold upwards and wets the bottom of the briquette grid, producing a 1.7 to 2.2 % AvCl solution until the maximum level is covered. An integrated mechanical overflow prevention system helps to avoid spills.

The produced solution is continuously mixed by a recirculation pump, ensuring a homogenous and consistent solution, and limiting build-up of insoluble matters at the bottom of the solution tank; the solution is ready to be dosed by any manufacturer’s metering pump (not included).


Easiflo® 20 IP Easiflo® 50 IP  Easiflo® 100 IP
Number of spray nozzles 2 4 6
Briquettes’ hopper capacity 20kg 50kg 100kg
Base and wall wash down system Yes (Manual) Yes (Manual) Yes (Manual)
Insolubles rinsing system Yes Yes Yes
Safety lid cut-off switch Yes Yes Yes
Chlorine solution strength @ 1 bar 1.7% AvCl 1.8% AvCl 2.2% AvCl
Max. chlorine production 85 kg/day 85 kg/day 203 kg/day

Length 723 mm 850 mm 968 mm
Width 555 mm 660 mm 860 mm
Height with closed lid 860 mm 982 mm 1107 mm
Height with open lid 1173 mm 1335 mm 1591 mm

Empty 25kg 30.5kg 51.5kg
In operation 45kg 80.5kg 151.5kg


The feeder system is reliable and efficient, boasting impressive features and benefits: 

  • Body, lid and hopper are made out of HDPE. Internal fittings are made out of composite or plastics parts which do not corrode
  • Nested configuration for easy disassembly and maintenance
  • Electromechanical cabinet for control and command
  • Factory-skidded to facilitate the commissioning as a “plug-in” unit
  • Automatic solution tank refill
  • Mechanical overflow-prevention valve
  • Integrated draining system for easy periodical cleaning
  • Water flow controlled by reliable solenoid valve and security floats
  • Less bulk storage needed than the typical systems that use liquid chemicals, as the Easiflo® IP feeder uses dry calcium hypochlorite
  • Helps to minimize man hours and shut downs
  • No decay of the chlorine solution produced
  • Uses concentrated product 
Sanikit Tablet Feeder System
Lonza Sanikit™ Tablet Feeder System

The Lonza Sanikit™ Systems are reliable and are easy to install and operate. With the advantage that no electricity is required with these systems, they are cost-effective and require little maintenance.   

How This Feeder Works

With a gravity fed or pressurized (max 80 PSI) water supply, about ¼ of the water to be treated flows through a mixing chamber that dissolves HTH® Disinfecting Tablets. A concentrated chlorine solution is created and then remixed with the remaining ¾ of water. This freshly treated water needs to flow into a storage tank to ensure proper contact time.

  • Treatment for system flows of up to ~1000m³/day
  • Low-to mid-sized potable water networks serving between 500 and 5000 persons, depending on local conditions and quality of the water to be treated
  • A range of model sizes are available depending on requirements
  • No electricity required
  • Proportional feed rate (function of the flow rate)
  • Intermittent or continuous treatment
  • To be used in conjunction with HTH® Disinfecting Tablets
HTH Scientific Inline Fedder
HTH® Scientific™ Inline Feeders

The HTH® Scientific™ Inline Feeder range was designed with the vision to withstand harsh conditions. System design allows for peace of mind and ensures reliable and effective dosing of active chlorine into water disinfection systems. Available in sizes 2kg, 4kg and 16kg, the feeders are easy to install and operate. With no electricity required, they are easily managed, with little maintenance needed. Dosage rates can be regulated and controlled as preferred. Upon feeder installation, our technical staff are available to run an initial calibration, after which the feeder maintains a steady dose rate as per the calibrated set point.

2kg, 4kg and 16kg HTH® Scientific™ Inline Feeders

  • To be used in conjunction with HTH® Disinfecting Tablets
  • Able to chlorinate 5,000Ɩ – 3,1 MƖ/day at a dosage rate of 3ppm
  • HTH® Scientific™ 2kg and 4kg Inline Feeders include wall mount brackets for simple installation
  • HTH® Scientific™ 16kg Inline Feeder comes pre-mounted on steel skid
HTH Cycleau controller
HTH® Cycl’eau®
  • Proportional dosing technology helps to avoid chemical overdosing
  • Easy to install and user-friendly
  • Electrical protection: 315 mA fuse 5 x 20 tempered glass
  • Power 10W max
  • Measures chlorine: 0 to 10 ppm ± 0.5%
  • Measures pH: 0 to 14 ± 0.5%
  • IP rating 65
  • Power supply 230V
  • Suitable for any size commercial swimming pool
  • LCD screen with blue backlight
  • System data is transferable to other devices such as computers
  • System offers password protection


  HTH® Cycl’eau® First HTH® Cycl’eau® 
Dimension   400 x 740 mm
800 x 740 mm
Measures Chlorine: 0 to 10 ppm ± 0.5%
Measures pH: 0 to 14 ± 0.5% Yes Yes
MeasuresTemperature: -5 to 45°C - Yes
Remote internet access - Yes