Symclosene (Trichloroisocyanurate)
HTH® Maxitab® Regular
HTH® Maxitab® Regular

As a compacted form of TCCA (Symclosene), HTH® Maxitab® Regular provides a long-lasting efficacy on bacteria, viruses and fungi that can develop in swimming pools when compared to typical unstabilized chlorine forms.

It is a reliable product that has a high level of stabilization against the destructive action of ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Average available chlorine content is ±90% and is compatible with all filtration equipment.

  • Solid form minimizes the potential for worker exposure, spills or other environmental releases
  • Leaves no residue
  • Average available chlorine content of ± 90%
  • Convenient and easy-to-use packaging as tablets are individually wrapped
  • Can be dosed manually
  • Product packaging size: 25kg pails  
HTH® Carral® Granular
HTH® Carral® Granular

A remarkable product that removes algae and mold from grout joints associated with water treatment systems in swimming pools. The granules, which are slow-dissolving when compared to typical unstabilized chlorine forms, leave no residue and have available chlorine of ±90%.

  • Compatible with all filtration equipment
  • Suitable for all water of any hardness, even extremely hard water
  • Non-foaming formulation
  • Easy to use product pack; includes a dosing cup
  • Can be dosed manually
  • Product packaging sizes: 5kg and 25kg pails