Sugar and Bioethanol Industry

Sugar and bioethanol production uses high volumes of water for processes like cooling, heating, processing, rinsing and cleaning.

Poor water management can lead to equipment damage as well as unexpected shutdowns and loss of production.

An efficient microbial control is essential to help ensure a proper performance of the barometric condenser, a preservation of the Brix index of the sugar juice, and the overall performance of the process.

We have a range of products, dosing solutions and controllers that can address potential biofouling in the cooling systems. Lonza also has solutions to improve the clarification of the waste water and to reduce the volumes of generated sludge.

Our solutions for this application:  

Equinox™ 15 Stabilizer
Constant Chlor® CCP-B7 Briquettes
Constant Chlor® CCP-G Granular
HTH® Easiflo® Briquettes