The BPR is happening and will affect all companies making disinfectants that are sold in Europe.

How we can help you survive the BPR.

We are able to offer you a number of different approaches:

  • Support you with information, analytical methods and advice for our broad portfolio of actives that may be used in your formulations.
  • The opportunity to produce and/or market a range of established and new disinfectant formulations that we intend to support through the product authorization process of the BPR* for specified EU Member States. These formulations could easily and cost-effectively be added into your product range and marketed under your own trade name using our previously generated efficacy data. The cost of a data package and authorisation fees could easily exceed €250,000 per product.


Take the following steps starting today…

  • Make sure your product is on the market, in each of your target countries, before the date of inclusion of the active substance, to allow continuity of supply. This date may be earlier depending on the transitional arrangements in each member state. Failure to have a product on the market by the date of inclusion of the active substance could mean the loss of over 3 years of business
  • Work with us to assess your current and future product needs
  • Work with us during the BPR to ensure no interruption to business
  • Discuss options to purchase and/or manufacture (following our original formulation recipe) our supported disinfectant products

Latest News
We are committed to investing in innovative solutions that meet our customers’ current and future needs. New and improved disinfectant products are in development.

Contact us for further details regarding the decision on inclusion for DDAC and Lonzabac® 12 for PT2 and PT4.


* Biocidal Product Directive; directive 98/8/EC
** Biocidal Product Regulation; regulation (EU) 528/2012